Technical and Sports Commission

Technical Commission

Operational Manager: Sports Director JJIF - Joachim Thumfart

  • Sports Director Africa: Makrem Saanouni
  • Sports Director Asia (Assistant): Rodrigo Valerio
  • Sports Director Europe: Christophe Brunet
  • Sports Director Pan-America: Gregory Vallarino
  • Sports Director Oceania:
  • General Referee Manager: Henk Plugge
  • Competition Manager: Rick Frowyn

Committees of Disciplines

Committee Fighting System

Sport Director Fighting System: Dana Mihaela Mortelmans

Romanian Martial Arts Federation
[M] +40 722 253875

email: dmurgescu(at)

Head Referee Fighting System: Ralf Pfeifer (GER)

Committee Jiu-Jitsu

Ne-Waza / BJJ

Sport Director Jiu-Jitsu: Rodrigo Valerio

Head Referee Jiu-Jitsu: Alex Paz (BRA)

Committee Duo System

Duo and Show

Sport Director Duo: Michael Korn

Head Referee Duo: Hans Snijder


  • Michele Vallieri    ITA - Athlete
  • Sara Paganini    ITA - Athlete
  • Javier Munoz     COL - Referee
  • Pitak Kampita    THA - Team Manager
  • Robert Horak     AUT - Coach

Committee Contact Ju-Jitsu

Sportdirector: Suresh Gopi